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The Art of Helping Your Senior Loved One Downsize

16 May 2022

Assisted Living Memory Care Hoschton GA  
The Art of Helping Your Senior Loved One Downsize - Hoschton, GA

We pride ourselves here at Manor Lake Assisted Living & Memory Care (Hoschton) for helping more than our residents and their families. We take great pride in helping you, our neighbors here in Hoschton who lovingly provide at-home assisted living care and/or memory care support to your loved ones. Today we’re going to discuss some things that you caregivers can do to take the stress out transitioning to professional care sometime in the future.

What is downsizing for seniors?

Preparing for your future.

Everyone can benefit from a bit of downsizing. Over the years we accumulate so many useful things as well as clutter. Letting go of things we’ve acquired seems like an especially daunting process for seniors, but it can be very simple, therapeutic, and rewarding. A big part of senior living is enjoying peace of mind and having less stuff will give you exactly that.

When should I start downsizing in my home?

Start early and start small.

Downsizing is an easy task if you start chipping away at unwanted things little by little. Don’t start with big projects that may discourage you from continuing.

Getting rid of a few things a week like duplicate kitchen utensils and pans are a great place to start. Consider rooms that you won’t have at your new residence and find creative ways to eliminate their clutter. Turning your home office into one desk’s worth of essentials or organizing tools into one toolbox makes for a smooth transition.

Garages and attics usually require the most attention. Holiday decorations, temporary hobby items and things that just don’t fit anywhere else usually end up here. Make a goal to pack what you need over a few weeks or months from those areas. Whatever’s left over can be sold, donated or discarded. Have a plan for where items will go and avoid “maybe” piles.

  • Make three piles: Keep, donate and garbage
  • Keep an inventory to track your progress
  • Take pictures or notes of how you like things set-up
  • Take your time and reminisce if you need to
  • Organize room by room and don’t overwhelm yourself

What kind of things will I need to bring to my new assisted living community?

We encourage you to bring your hobbies, culture and accomplishments to your new home. The things that will bring you joy and meet basic needs are important to have. At Manor Lake Assisted Living and Memory Care, we accommodate independent living, assisted living, respite care and memory care.

Take into consideration all of the included services like meals, housekeeping and maintenance you’ll receive at a Manor Lake. Factor those into what you won’t need in your new home.

What will I NOT need at a senior living community?

Our community has a lot of things you’ll need. Items that are a part of your hobbies and interests or cherished memories will be important to keep.

We hope you find this useful. As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions, contact us anytime.